Wheat is one of the most important and oldest known grains in the world. It has been cultivated in the governorates of Egypt and has been widely used since the time of the Pharaohs. It comes in different food forms such as bread, pasta and all kinds of baked goods and is used in the production of many other types such as starch, dextrose, gluten and alcohol. Shafik team starts harvesting in late April in the early morning or before sunset so that no overgrowth of grains occurs or cracking of spikes. It is famous for the beauty of the golden panicle, placed within the vast rich green lands. It is used in many recipes for breakfast, and in the manufacture of many food products rich in carbohydrates and energy.
Shafik Farms Wheat
Scientific name
Triticum aestivum

Health benefits

  • Wheat is a general energizer for the body and provides the body with the iron needed to prevent anemia.
  • It contains calcium, which protects the bones and teeth.
  • It works to regulate many hormones, especially thyroid hormone.
  • It works to strengthen the immune system.
Shafik Farms Wheat health benefits