ABOUT Shiko/Sapodilla

Shiko fruit is recognized for its oval shape, brownish color, and not so smooth texture though sweet taste. Its trees’ barks are strong, and its wood have an aromatic smell when burnt and can produce chewing gums from it. Shiko fruit contains a collection of Vitamins such as Vitamin C, Proteins, Calcium, Iron, and other minerals essential for the human body’s health.

The seeds are also useful when grinned that can be used as a medication for stings. Furthermore, its leaves can be used to treat flu and indigestion. Shiko can be eaten as fruit or made as jam.

Shafik Farms Products Sapodilla
Scientific name
Manilkara zapota

Health benefits

  • Preventing cold flus and decreasing their probability and getting infected.
  • Helps in digestion and ease indigestion pain for containing fibers.
  • It does not add to weight gain and helps feel full; thus, you do not eat more.
  • Shiko contains antioxidants, lots of essential minerals and calcium for healthy bones.
  • Useful for the skin and hair healthy look.
Sapodilla health benefits