Shafik Farms is well famous for growing wheat, corn and mango along other many well harvested products.

Shafik Farms Wheat


Wheat is one of the most important and oldest known grains in the world. It has been cultivated in the governorates of Egypt and has been widely used since the time of the Pharaohs. It comes in different food forms such as bread, pasta and all kinds of baked goods and is used in the production of many other types such as starch, dextrose, gluten and alcohol. Shafik team starts harvesting in late April in the early morning or before sunset so that no overgrowth of grains occurs or cracking of spikes. It is famous for the beauty of the golden panicle, placed within the vast rich green lands. It is used in many recipes for breakfast, and in the manufacture of many food products rich in carbohydrates and energy.

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Shafik Farms Corn

Corn, yellow and white

Shafik farms is distinguished by the cultivation of white and yellow corn due to their importance and high nutritional value. The difference between yellow corn and white corn is the color of the pigment present in them. The yellow color in yellow corn is due to the carotenoid pigment, while the white corn is almost devoid of this dye and therefore its color is white.

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Mango with its rich variety

Mango types are rich in health benefits and vitamins that provide the body with the energy it needs.

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Shafik Farms Lemons


Lemon is a very important citrus fruit that is used a lot throughout the year. It is used with various meals in preparation and presentation, in addition to being enjoyed as juice on its own or with additives and for the treatment of cold and congestion symptoms.

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Shafik Farms Figs

Figs of all kinds

Figs of all kinds, prickly and barchoumi are cultivated in Shafik farms. It can be eaten fresh or dried as needed.

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Shafik Farms Olives


Apple olives are considered one of the crops rich in health benefits for humans, with a beautiful taste and color, similar to green yellowish color of apples.

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Shafik Farms Dates


The ancient Egyptian knew the cultivation and benefits of dates more than 5,000 years ago. The palm tree has gained great value for Egyptians since it provides them with nutritious food and its leaves are used for building ancient homes and for household uses.

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Shafik Farms Oranges


Egypt is considered one of the first orange-producing countries in the world, and Shafik Farms has taken it upon itself to take care of orange cultivation due to its health benefits, appropriate soil and climate that we have in Egypt. Oranges usefulness lies in the fruit itself and in the peel of the outer layer as well.

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Shafik Farms Bananas


Shafik Farms is keen to diversify its crops, as it has added banana cultivation. Banana is one of the favorite fruits for everyone, and it includes a lot of juices and is easy to eat.

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Shafik Farms Products Sapodilla outline
Shafik Farms Sapodilla


Shiko fruit is recognized for its oval shape, brownish color, and not so smooth texture though sweet taste. Its trees’ barks are strong, and its wood have an aromatic smell when burnt and can produce chewing gums from it. Shiko fruit contains a collection of Vitamins such as Vitamin C, Proteins, Calcium, Iron, and other minerals essential for the human body’s health.

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Shafik Farms outlines peaches
Shafik Farms Peaches


Peaches contain a high percentage of antioxidants, minerals, and important Vitamins for the body. With its special juicy taste, colorful skin, and beautiful smell, this makes it one of the favorite fruits of Summer. It gets cultivated mainly in the region of the Mediterranean, South West of North America, and South of Africa.

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