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The Minya Governorate is located in Upper Egypt, and it is one of the most beautiful and warmest governorates, gaining its name as “The Bride of Upper Egypt”. Over the years since ancient times, it still maintains its natural beauty many of it, untouched by humans with not much pollution. You can see the clear blue sky, distant golden mountains, the new green cultivated land and beneath it the Blue Nile, in a enchanting view of nature.

Within this wonderful scene, Shafik Farms are situated in Aba Al-Waqf area at Maghagha. It has been owned by ShafiK family, caring for it since 1944. Shafik Farms are famous for cultivating many different agricultural crops that Egypt is famous for since ancient times, and the farm has been dedicatedly famous for since its creation. This includes crops such as the finest plantations of mango trees, onion, garlic, wheat, corn and honey bees. It is also famous for growing lemons, oranges, dates, figs, and others. Shafik Farms has a history of working with Aba Al-Waqf company for Industry and Trade.

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About Shafik Farms


Mango Trees

Shafik Farms About farmers at your service


farmers at your service

Shafik Farms About Different kinds of crops


Different kinds of crops

The Openfield Timeline


Grouping the land under Sadek Name - our grand grand father

Mohamed Bek Sadek, a great judge who took his farm from his father.


The land belongs to the family of Mohie Eldine Bek Shafik and Naguiba Hanim Ali Sadik.

Engineer Mohie Eldine Bek Shafik began to pay attention to the land, to cultivate it, and to develop it by introducing advanced and modern farming and irrigation methods and planting new crops in the region.


Establishing an onion drying factory, a medicinal and aromatic plants factory, and a dates factory

This year witnessed the establishment of three factories, including a factory for drying onions and garlic with a large area inside the land, which made a leap in the development of the onion and garlic drying industry in Egypt, and the factories were exporting large quantities on a large scale in many countries in Europe, America and Japan.


Mohsen Shafik in charge.

Businessman Mohsen Mohey El Din Shafik started supervising the land and taking care of it. He added new crops, increased the labor hands and opened new opportunities that extended for years ahead with his experience, love for the land and dedication.


The new generation continues to grow the farms.

Starting 2020, new generations are leading the Farms success with developed technology and new ways of inspired management.

Shafik Family

Shafik Farms Team
Mohey El Din Shafik
Shafik Farms Team
Mohsen Mohey El Din Shafik