Mangos history in Egypt

Shafik Farms History Mango Usefulness

According to Indians and their love for Mango, they called it “fruit of the Gods”.

For us in Egypt, the first Mango was brought in from Sri Lanka. In 1825, Mohamed Ali Pacha introduced Mango trees to be planted in Egypt in the garden of the Egyptian Faculty of Agriculture at Ain Shams University. It’s good to note that it was first seen as a decorative tree than a fruit tree to consume.  Later on, it became more and more widely cultivated in private gardens and lands for local usage and exports.

In 2020, Egypt approximately produced around 2 million tons of mangoes – making it the second highest ranked Egyptian export fruit, after Citrus being number one.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that the land planted with mangoes are over 90,000 hectares now. For the exports, Egypt exports around 53,000 tons annually of it to more than 50 countries.

Mangoes always inspire growth, richness and sweet life.