Enjoy different kinds of Mango

Shafik Farms Enjoy different kinds Mango Usefulness

Mango is known for its different kinds, all delicious, nutritious and loved by everyone.



It is famous for its sweet taste with large size. It has a soft, thin outer layer with a bluish green color. It is one of the most loved types as it has no fibers and its heart is orange in color. It ripes in early September.


It can be found in green or yellow, ripening in August. It is small in size, with a small seed and no fibers.


A luxurious medium-sized, rectangular mango. It has a large seed which is distinguished by it with a smooth outer layer. It begins to ripen from mid-July.


It got its name from the Portuguese leader Alfonso de Albuquerque, who colonized India and was known for his love of mangoes and was keen to have quantities of it with him on his cruises. It has a thick, smooth outer layer and is characterized by a strong aromatic scent. It has no fibers with a unique green oval shape. It has low sugar proportions.


It is green in color and tends to be yellowish containing a lot of fibers. It is medium in size with a thick outer layer, making it one of the best types for mangoes for storage. It’s famous for its low sugar percentage and thus is considered the preferred type for diabetics. It ripens from September to October.


It is one of the most popular types that are sold in the market for its size and taste, in addition to being the most used type to make mango juice.

Bull heart

This kind of mangoes are large with a heart-shaped overall. It has a thick seed that is devoid of fibers. It is green in color and has a soft outer layer. It begins to ripen in early September.


It is large in size, mostly red with green with an orange heart and a small sized seed and no fibers


It has an outer layer of medium to dark green with areas tending to be light in color or reddish. The size of the fruit is medium round and ripens in September.